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Rheintal Chillout 3

Senseque – Deep Blue
(Blackfish Productions | BFP028)

Releasedate: Feb, 28th 2014

A relaxed trip into the depths!!

Nearly 5 years after his debut “Seaview”, the Hanau/Frankfurt based musician Martin Fietz, specifies a more than worthy successor with his chillout-project Senseque: Deep Blue takes you on an extremely relaxed journey into the depths of the subconscious. Each tune tells its own story, which one can not simply escape. By listening to the endless soundscapes of Senseque, one automatically receive a longing for sun, sea and beach and the feeling of being able to escape from everyday life..
Warm rhodes-chords meeting fine grooving rhythms and sweeping bass lines that get under the skin. From time to time, one encounters stylish and minimally used samples that embed themselves in the deep pads: a real fireworks of all senses. Senseque knows how to act in the subconscious – it can not really be described by words. If you already liked the Seaview-EP, you will simply love “Deep Blue” – that's for sure!
For those who do not know Senseque, here is some more background information: The EP Seaview has established itself and went his way to Ibiza with his legendary Café del Mar. His music is played there in the typical beach bars. One can find his tracks on prestigious music compilations, independent movies and international TV series.

Deep Blue – listen, sit back, travel away!


Rheintal Chillout 3

2013-11-2013: Rheintal Chillout 3

p(lastp).We start the third round of the “Rheintal Chillout” series and are proud, that we have assembled a fine collection of electronic music again. The mixture is perfect for a journey through the young Rhine Valley: – hidden coves where time stands still for a moment – High-altitude vantage points with breathtaking views of the valley. It is an unbelievable experience of meditation and the “Rheintal Chillout 3” provides the perfect musical mood.

Analog Digital

2013-07-05: Analog Digital

It was only a question of time until the two Offenbacher musicians Jörg Friedrich and Stefan Kreuzer would meet and produce an album together.
The clear digital Friedrich/Pearlcoder-soundcosmos encounters
Kreuzer’s playful downbeat style.
The album „Analog – Digital“ is the result of their common passion for both exciting and relaxing compositions. The tracks conjure a warm magical feeling into the room, without being arbitrary. Each track tells a story in its own way, which is not always straightforward, but holds many surprises: from heavenly violin, special sound gimmicks to dirty electric guitar.
Special guests on this album are the bass player James Lindemann and the producer Maximilian Lopp. Lindemann developed in studio sessions soundscapes and overdubs, Lopp contributed a special remix.

How Long?

2013-03-07: How Long?

How Long? Children of the damn! Out Mar, 7 2013 – This is our fresh new release from the blackfish forge – featuring vocals by the one and only MC Santana. (remember back in 2005: blackfish and MC Santana won the May Ayim Award with the video to their tune “Watch ya wayz”). Time kept on slipping and right now we already passed the “year of the dragon”. But as MC Santana said: It's never too late to do your shit.
Check out two additional outstanding remixes: Bad Matter created such a warm 70ies Hip-Hop Remix while Herr Soehngen a.k.a. Riddim Republic did a pure Reggae tune. We are very proud to announce this release!

New blackfish remix

2012-12-15: New blackfish remix

Hardly recommended and free download:
Soehngenetic – Pseudolectual Remixes
Original release info by Soehngenetic: Why another remix album? Because again I was curious how my friends would interprete my raw material. And again I'm very happy with the results and bandwidth of styles at all. Why “for free”? Well, I wouldn't have been able to realize this album without my remixing friends. And as I wasn't able to pay them for their work (because there's no real chance to recoup), I decided also not to realize profit from that project.

Shenisa - Rising High EP available now!

2012-12-14: Shenisa - Rising High EP available now!

Shenisa's singing career started with a 2 year education at the Scream Factory in Frankfurt, a school for singing and performing arts founded by George List. At the end 2005 Shenisa began working with the DJ and Production team Pearlcoder. Shenisa has combined her love for various forms of music such as reggae, jazz and soul to create a voice that is powerful and rich. As a songwriter her lyrics are sarcastic, motivating, provocative and ironic. The production team is Kriss Lomax and Joerg Friedrich, they are responsible for the amazing sound of Electro, Ambient and Lounge.
The new EP “Rising High” presents the sound from the live perfomance from Shenisa & Pearlcoder.
It`s a fine appetizer for the coming Album in 2013.

Maximilian - Rebuilt

2012-08-17: Maximilian - Rebuilt

Here we continue our EP Series with a brand new product. Labelowner and former of BFP has been active again in making new music:
“Rebuilt” is the finished product and marks the start of some exciting new music coming up on BFP in the near future.
Available in all major download stores from Aug, 17th 2012

Rheintal Chillout

2011-12-02: Rheintal Chillout

Rheintal Chillout
This time around, we present a BFP Media product:
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Sincera Remixes available

2011-11-01: Sincera Remixes available

Out since June, 3 2011! Koala – Sincera Remixes
We proudly present some new remixes of Koala's emotional tune “Sincera”: The deep house mix brings the original on the floor with all the flavour of the original. Joerg Friedrich, part of our electronic artist “Pearlcoder” was so fascianted of Sincera, that he created a very special ambient mix, that goes soooo deep. Please go head and listen!

EP No. 15: KOALA "Flavoured Sounds"

2010-12-17: EP No. 15: KOALA "Flavoured Sounds"

The blackfish productions family grows: Latest signing are André Arnoni and DJ Felippe from Sao Paulo, whose project “koala” has been established after playing for 6 years in a experimental/rock band.
Their EP sounds like a journey through different emotions, sometimes happiness, sometimes hope, sometimes sadness. They know how to catch the listener with their inbound chords and bass lines.
This is a “must-have-EP” for all blackfish productions fans – please go ahead and listen yourself.


Superstring EP

2010-11-03: Superstring EP

3 years after releasing our legendary first EP „Rejection“, Maximilian Lopp, the former of Blackfish Productions is back again with new tunes:
Check out the Superstring EP…



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Maximilian Lopp has done a remix for Soehngenetic's tune Le
Grand Semailles
. Taken from the album Pseudolectual – which we heavily recommend!!


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