BFP 021 | Maximilian Lopp - Superstring

Maximilian Lopp, Superstring
Format:EP | Digital
  1. Superstring
  2. The Cell
  3. Familiar
  4. Air
  5. Free Your Mind

3 years after releasing our legendary first EP „Rejection“, Maximilian Lopp, the former of Blackfish Productions is back again with new tunes:

So here we go and continue our series of EP’s now with No. 14 – the previous 13 EP’s already contained music of different music genres like classical Chillout and Loungemusic, but also danceable house and electro tunes as well.

All above, the typical Labelsound of Blackfish Productions is influenced by soulful and impassioned music – it was never a question of any actual hype or commercial sellout releasing music on BFP – we publish music for all those people who are able to feel the music like a lifestyle, for all those listeners who need music like the air that we breathe.

The new tunes by Maximilian Lopp were all produced in the previous 3 years and you will soon notice, that they were written in different emotional moods; Maximilian tastefully collected them on this EP, which sounds like a mini album (a typical trademark of blackfish productions EP’s).

Superstring – the name of the popular physical theory – the substance of everything over all – for some people it’s just music. Just listen and breathe…

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