BFP 022 | Koala - Flavoured Sounds

Koala, Flavoured Sounds
Format:EP | Digital
  1. Soir Du Jour
  2. Space Haze
  3. Sincera
  4. Three Times
  5. Schiphol
  6. Sincera (Blackfish Remix)

Chillout from brazil

The blackfish productions family grows: Latest signing are André Arnoni and DJ Felippe from Sao Paulo, whose project “koala” has been established after playing for 6 years in a experimental/rock band.

With the propose of mixing electric guitars with different kinds of pads, pianos and drums, Koala is an independent project, especially to listeners of downtempo, lounge music, jazz, indie rock and any other sound involving experimental music – without limits.

Their EP sounds like a journey through different emotions, sometimes happiness, sometimes hope, sometimes sadness. They know how to catch the listener with their inbound chords and bass lines. Koala is quicken the appetite with their special sound constructions – and this is why they have called their EP “flavoured sounds”.

But those guys are not restricted to downtempo music only: DJ Felippe is former of a music company called Voyage Inc. ( and is playing regular deephouse sets at different clubs in Sao Paulo. He studied drums and musical theory and has a complete musical background.

This is a “must-have-EP” for all blackfish productions fans – please go ahead and listen yourself.

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