BFP028 | Senseque - Deep Blue

Senseque, Deep Blue
Format:Digital EP
  1. Days Like This
  2. Acceleration
  3. Sand
  4. Aquarell
  5. Together
  6. Letters
  7. Deep Blue (Bonus Track)

Nearly 5 years after his debut “Seaview”, the Hanau/Frankfurt based musician Martin Fietz, specifies a more than worthy successor with his chillout-project Senseque: Deep Blue takes you on an extremely relaxed journey into the depths of the subconscious. Each tune tells its own story, which one can not simply escape. By listening to the endless soundscapes of Senseque, one automatically receive a longing for sun, sea and beach and the feeling of being able to escape from everyday life..
Warm rhodes-chords meeting fine grooving rhythms and sweeping bass lines that get under the skin. From time to time, one encounters stylish and minimally used samples that embed themselves in the deep pads: a real fireworks of all senses. Senseque knows how to act in the subconscious – it can not really be described by words. If you already liked the Seaview-EP, you will simply love “Deep Blue” – that's for sure!
For those who do not know Senseque, here is some more background information: The EP Seaview has established itself and went his way to Ibiza with his legendary Café del Mar. His music is played there in the typical beach bars. One can find his tracks on prestigious music compilations, independent movies and international TV series.
Deep Blue – listen, sit back, travel away!


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