BFP029 | Stefan Kaps - Cool Down

Stefan Kaps, Cool Down
Format:Digital Album
  1. Intro
  2. Cool Down
  3. Slump
  4. Walking Asleep
  5. Rumors
  6. Hypnotic Flow
  7. Hot Stuff
  8. Music
  9. Rubin
  10. For Real
  11. Vibes
  12. Insane
  13. Boardwalk
  14. Cool Fever
  15. Outro

Cool down!

……a nice announcement, which was chosen by Stefan Kaps for his album.
After one year production time, the time has come: the first official album of the Hessian Producer will be released on …. in electronic trading. After a short intro in good old Hip Hop style with Beats & Scratches the track “Cool down” will lead you directly into the calm flow of his music, which he describes as a mixture of hip hop and chill/lounge music. Half of the album will provide you with relaxing Rhodes sounds, lounge melodies and cool basslines and you will find yourselve extremely relaxed on one hand, and on the other hand your woofers will be challenged by the mixture of crunchy hip hop beats and relaxing Chillout Vibes. Look forward to it!
But Chillout & Lounge is only half the story. With tracks like “Music” and “For real” you will also be taken directly out of the chair onto the dance floor and after a short and hot vibes attack you may again relax very calm with tracks like “Insane” and “Boardwalk”. It is a a great trip! The musical roots of the producer are in the late 80s, where just 2 turntables in a flightcase, a stereo-mixer
and heavy old school drum machines ruled the musical life of the genre by that time. A lucky shot, the accidential meeting of Label Manager Maximilian Lopp (Blackfish Productions) with Stefan brought back the fire of electronic music after 25 years of abstinence – and the result can be seen and heard.


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