BFP030 | Blackfish - Between The Worlds

Blackfish, Between The Worlds
Format:Digital Album
  1. Deeper
  2. Have You Been (feat. Vera Bockelmann)
  3. Messina
  4. How Long
  5. Wave of Thoughts
  6. Green and Blue
  7. He's Gone
  8. Inspired (feat. Rachelle Schäfer)
  9. Between the Worlds
  10. Interlude
  11. Deep Sea Trip
  12. Watersleep (feat. Thomas Thendri)
  13. How Long (Riddim Republic Redub) [feat. MC Santana]

Between the worlds!

Finally! Blackfish enters the relaxed production stage with his third album “Between the Worlds”. After long announcements, the fans of electronic downtempo sounds may now look forward to new sounds of the iconic music project…The work “Between The Worlds” is the result of a very intense creative period of Maximilian Lopp a.k.a. blackfish. His hallmark are deep samples and groovy downbeat rhythms – brought together in the very finest way. On top of his productions, you can enjoy outstanding voices of artists such as MC Santana, Vera Bockelmann, Rachelle Schäfer and Thomas Thendri. With relaxed melancholy, fat beats and sub-basses, partly jazzy warm pianos and cellos M.Lopp creates an atmosphere which one can hardly escape. The groovy rhythms create an extremely fresh character of the sound. But Blackfish is not only an expert in sampling and sound design, by the way: he also kept his own style during all the years. And if you thought previously, trip-hop is now the least what you've been missing in recent years, don’t shout out too loud! Because, soon will – every bet! – Blackfish – Between The Worlds also be played on your Bluetooth Box and provides you touching moments. So quickly come back to the Blackfish sound.


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