BFP031 | Blackfish - Train of Thoughts

Blackfish, Train of Thoughts
Format:Digital Album
  1. In the Woods
  2. Train of Thoughts
  3. Time Machine
  4. No Way Back (feat. Vera Bockelmann)
  5. Displace
  6. Away
  7. Transition
  8. Strong
  9. Gone
  10. Boarding to Nowhere
  11. Reinvention

„Back to ambient“ could be the motto of the new album by Blackfish. After 7 long years, the album „Between The Worlds“ was released in 2015 – and now – only one more year later – a new album by electronic music producer Maximilian Lopp comes out. One could think this is kind of a ‚comeback' – but he never really stepped out of the underground of the electronic music scene. However, in the background there was a whole series of good news: some of his productions can be found in in US-Blockbusters like „Beauty and the beast“, „Revenge“ or „Pretty little Liars“. Whatever caused him to pause with the blackfish project so long: The new album is worth to take a deeper listen: It contains 11 finest downtempo ambient tracks, that create a transition to the subconsciousness – which is one of the big trade marks of his earlier productions. Thoughtful, almost like a short break in existence – pause, think, gain strength: that’s the deeper thought behind it. In spite of all this, it is about groove, atmosphere, deep basses and tension – a progress from track to track. The artwork, which we are very proud of, has been created by the graphic designer Patrick Uhse from Cologne. All in all a completely audible and eye-catching product has emerged. But take a listen yourself:


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